March 23, 2020

Hello Friends, 
Although it saddens me that we cannot work out together in person we all know it is in the best interest of all of us and our family's health. In an effort to still keep you moving we are offering you at home workouts made by your favorite instructors. These workouts will be able to be done in your home with either just body weight or some easy to use, at home equipment. Several studies have linked physical activity to improvements in immune health. By staying active you have a hand in creating a positive effect on your immune function by reducing your stress. So, let's keep moving and get through this time of unpredictability and change together.
Don't have a set of dumbbells at home? Here is a suggested list of household items that can be used instead. There are so many other things that can be used as well. Get creative!

  1. Fill a milk jug with water, sand or pebbles
  2. Canned goods such as canned corn or sauces, etc. 
  3. Filled plastic water bottles 
  4. Paint cans with lids and handles
  5. Bags of produce
  6. Large laundry detergent bottles
  7. Kettlebells or Resistance bands

Please put security first by taking precaution when lifting substantial weight. Just like when we are in class make sure you are using a proper weight to avoid any injuries. Try not to lift tremendous amounts of anything overwhelming and ensure you always can hold the items securely before using them for exercise. I look forward in seeing all your beautiful faces again very soon. Remember good things come to those who sweat! Stay healthy and make every workout count! 

Full Body Cardio Strength using either dumbbells or substitutes made for you by instructor Shannon
For this exercise class you will be doing 3 minutes of Strength followed by 2 minutes of Cardio and 1 minute of Core. That is including your rest time. (45 seconds of work and a 15 second rest between exercises to make the 60 seconds) We have done all of these exercises in class before so hopefully you were paying attention 🙂 If you don't remember it's okay I will forgive you and a quick google search will bring up plenty of video examples for reference. Make sure to do an adequate warm-up and cool-down. 
Circuit 1
3 min of Strength: Bicep Curls, Hammer Curls, Cross Body raises 
2 min of Cardio: Jumping Jacks or modified jacks, Touch Jacks or Modified 
1 min of Russian twists
Circuit 2
3 min of Strength: Triceps Dips using the couch or a chair, Triceps Kickbacks, Overhead Triceps Extensions  
2 min of Cardio: Speed Skaters, High Knees
1 min of Core: Straight leg lifts 
Circuit 3
3 min of Strength: Underhand Lateral Raises, Upright Rows, Shoulder Presses
2 min of Cardio: Lateral Shuffles, Burpees or Murpees (modified burpee) 
1 min of Core: Supine Opposite arm to Opposite Leg raises
**** 2 Minute Break****
Circuit 4
3 min of Strength: Supine Chest Press, Chest Fly, Close Grip Presses 
2 min of Cardio: Booty Kickers, Plank Jacks  
1 min of Core: Bicycle Crunches
Circuit 5
3 min of Strength: Alternating Forward lunges, Squat Pulses (3 count), Sumo Squats
2 min of Cardio: Standing Alternating Toe Touches, Windmills 
1 min of Core: Bird Dog Crunches 
Circuit 6
3 min of Strength: Split Stance Single Arm Back row (L), (R), Bent over Y raises 
2 min of Cardio: Inchworm Crawls, Squat Jumps
1 min of Core: Scissor Kicks 
****Congrats you did it! ****