Lisa Suro

Lisa Suro has always had a fondness for the water. And as a volunteer swim instructor at Sherwood Regional Family YMCA, she loves being able to share the Y experience with both her family, and her community. 

When Lisa and her family moved to Sherwood, one of the first things they did was sign up for Y memberships. 

And when her youngest daughter entered preschool last year, Lisa saw her new free time as an opportunity to get more involved in the Y community. 

Since she had worked as a swim instructor in high school and college—even working at a YMCA in North Carolina—Lisa decided to offer her time to teach swim lessons at the Sherwood Regional Family YMCA. 

"I had the free time to help... And I love it here."

As a volunteer swim instructor, Lisa has been given the opportunity to engage more with her fellow Y community members. 

"I love the families that are always here. I teach their oldest, watch them grow and then get to teach their siblings. The people here truly care about you and welcome you into their family."
Lisa’s invaluable work as a swim instructor at the Y has given her a new outlook and purpose in life. 

"It's a place to be and do things that I can feel good about. I can help others and it gives me a little more meaning than being just a housewife and mother." 

The Y also gave her a chance to relax. When Lisa realized she could bring her youngest daughter to the Y and drop her off at Child Watch, and workout for two hours, "we're going to the Y" became a common phrase. 

"I've said it a million times, Child Watch is amazing! I can get two hours to myself that I don't have to feel guilty about—that is a saving grace for a stay at home mother. You know your child is taken care of and you can sit here and talk on the phone, or answer an email, or workout. It's incredible."

Giving families a place to escape and feel welcomed is truly life changing, Lisa said. 

“The staff here is amazing, and they do a great job walking the walk. They live the mission. Their hellos make you feel special—like you are the only one who got that type of welcome ... I have come here grumpy, but I never leave grumpy."

Lisa has every confidence the YMCA will be around another 150 years because she knows the Y truly cares about the community. 

Thank you Lisa for serving the community so effortlessly and supporting each and every child you meet. We are honored by your involvement at our YMCA.


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