Lanetra and Amaree Kofoed

Lanetra and Amaree Kofoed

Lanetra Kofoed was researching basketball camps for her 14-year-old son Amaree, when she came across the Beaverton Hoop YMCA. Though Lanetra wasn’t a member of the Y, she was amazed to learn about all the unique opportunities and programs being offered to youth and community members. She was also overjoyed, having finally found the perfect basketball camp for her son—the Damian Lillard Basketball Camp.

“Amaree was pretty ecstatic about it because Lillard is his favorite player.”

This is now the second summer in a row that Lanetra has registered Amaree for the Damian Lillard Basketball Camp. And once again, Amaree has walked away from the experience with a smile on his face. Not only was Amaree able to talk with and receive one-on-one instruction from his favorite Portland Trailblazer, he was even able to reconnect with friends he met last year at the same camp. 

“He said to me, ‘Momma, I’ve improved a lot and I really liked it.’ We’re even thinking of putting him in the CJ McCollum Basketball Camp next month.”

While Amaree has enjoyed being able to learn more about the game he loves in a professional atmosphere at the Y, Lanetra has appreciated the caring and attention of Y staff and volunteers who show that they are committed to the growth of the youth they work with. 

“I was sitting down watching a practice, when one of the kids started saying something bad about another kid—something about how they weren’t good. The coach then actually pulled all of the kids aside and had a conversation with them about encouraging people and picking them up instead of putting of them down. As a parent, I really liked seeing that.”

Lanetra feels confident sending Amaree to the Y for future camps, because she knows the Y is dedicated to the full growth of her child, not just in terms of basketball. 

“I recommend the Y to everyone, I have nothing negative to say at all. Based on the experiences I’ve had with the Y, I’m even considering joining.”


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