Kurt Kreger

Kurt Kreger’s grandchildren were sprouting up around him and he was noticing that he was not as quick, or couldn’t catch up to them like before. Not wanting to be left behind or have them slow down for him, Kurt began searching for a gym that could help him keep up to his grandchildren’s active and energetic lifestyles.

After researching for gyms to join, Kurt found the Clark County Family YMCA. Kurt was drawn in by the overwhelming amount of programs offered at the Y.

“The Y had programs that suited my individual needs, and the needs of my wife, Judy, so we decided to tour the Clark Y. We were so impressed with the range of equipment, and the fact the membership cost fit our budget, so we joined a week later.”

When Kurt first arrived at the Clark County Family YMCA, he had simple goals—to get in better shape and to adopt a healthier lifestyle. 

He connected with Brandi—a personal fitness trainer—and got to work.

“Brandi helped me set up a specifically designed exercise program, that utilizes eight different machines—I lost 20 pounds in no time and have more energy than I’ve felt in years.”

Kurt enjoys the friendly smiles he is greeted with when he arrives at the Y each morning, and our staff enjoys listening to Kurt’s pro-gardening tips, and stories about his most recent adventure with his grandchildren. 

“The personal relationships you develop with the staff and other program participants at the Y is a special thing—everyone here is friendly and welcoming.” 

Recently, Kurt decided to share the Y experience with his grandson, by signing him up for private swim lessons. According to Kurt, the results have been positive and his progress continues to improve. 

“The Y provides a safe environment for everyone. There is a broad amount of equipment, customized programs by qualified trainers and classes for all ages—all at a reasonable price."  

Thank you Kurt for being an exemplary Y member. We appreciate you and look forward to every time you walk through our doors.


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