Justin and Allayne

Justin and Allayne had just gotten engaged when they decided to move to Sherwood in 2011. Within months of moving here, the couple found the Sherwood Regional Family YMCA and signed up for a series of dance classes—in preparation for their wedding. They immediately felt welcomed by the community of staff and volunteers at the facility, and felt compelled to join The Y as members themselves.

A few years later, the couple took a short break from The Y to enjoy time with their new baby boy, Eli. When they realized they missed The Y community and wanted to continue their workouts, they returned to The Y and enrolled Eli in the Child Watch program—where children are given the opportunity to learn, create, play and grow, in a safe environment.

However, Eli was somewhat unsure of the Child Watch staff at first, and experienced separation anxiety during his first few visits. Justin and Allayne were saddened to see their son upset, and began coming to the gym separately. One parent would stay home and watch Eli, while the other would visit The Y to work out. They had to do what they felt was best for their family. 

As Justin and Allayne continued their workouts at The Y, they would occasionally visit the Child Watch staff with Eli. The staff at The Y continually showed love and empathy for Eli, which ultimately calmed and comforted him to the point where he could be by himself and relax in the company of childcare staff.

At this point, Justin and Allayne realized that they were not just members at a gym. They were part of a community that had become like family, with staff and volunteers who genuinely cared for them and their child. 

Now that Justin and Allayne have welcomed a second son to their family, Carson, they feel comfortable putting both children in Child Watch while they workout. The Child Watch program gives the couple time to focus on themselves and their marriage, while their kids play in a safe environment with caregivers that love them. 

“We don’t have babysitters. We don’t need them. When it comes to our kids, we trust the Child Watch staff at The Y.”

Justin and Allayne are thankful for The Y, and for the nurturing experiences our programs offer their family. 

Thank you Justin and Allayne for being members of our Y family and for strengthening our community. 

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