Heather Laske

Heather Laske

Upon moving from Minnesota to Sherwood four years ago, Heather was looking for a community that would support her active lifestyle. The Y was only a mile from her home, so she decided to join. Little did she know her “tribe” of close friends would be formed at the Y, and these women would become like family to her.

Heather began attending the Circuit class at five o’clock every morning, and met her six closest friends there. When she sprained her ankle, one of her friends picked her up from her house to help her get to the Y for her workouts. Currently, she and her friends are training for a Tough Mudder competition to celebrate her 40th birthday. Her friends have provided accountability to continue her workout routine even when it has been challenging.

In July of 2018, Heather’s father passed away, and she was devastated. When she flew home from the funeral, her friends from the Y picked her up from the airport at Midnight in onesie pajamas to cheer her up. She was only expecting one of her friends to be there, but the fact that they all showed-up proved that the people at the Y truly cared and had become like family.

Heather describes the Y as her “happy place,” and believes in the mission of inclusivity and community for all.

“The Y is more than a gym, it does outreach to the whole community and opens its doors to everyone.”


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