Health Benefits of Cardio Exercise

Your heart is a muscle, and it needs daily exercise. The best way to exercise it—cardio. Short for cardiovascular exercise, cardio is any movement that increases your heart rate and boosts blood circulation in your body. And it is the cornerstone of any successful fitness plan.

Performing cardio exercises like running or swimming, on a regular basis, helps you burn calories and fat, and even improves other aspects of your life. When you do cardio, you are conditioning your body to better utilize its oxygen—which provides you with extra energy you can use throughout your day. 

It may sound daunting starting a new cardio journey on your own, but at the Y our trained professionals can make it easy for you. Our trainers can help identify the cardio exercises right for you, and our facilities offer the space and equipment you need to get your heartbeat racing. 

All are welcome at the Y to experience our warm community devoted to developing a healthier spirit, mind and body. Come to the Y to try out one of our facilities by purchasing a visitor’s day pass, or sign up to become a member and commit to your long-term personal fitness goals. 

Still not sure whether cardio is right for you and your workout routine? Take a look at some of the health benefits a regular and consistent cardio program could provide you

Breathe Easy

Because cardio requires us to move larger muscles groups, our bodies demand more oxygen. Heavier and faster breathing during cardio exercise improves lung strength and health. With a strong and healthy heart and lungs, you’ll feel better and stay dancing longer. 

Feel Energized 

Cardio doesn’t just increase your heart rate, it also increases the rate and functionality of other processes in your body, including your metabolism—the process in which your body converts food into energy. More intense forms of cardio can even help boost your body’s metabolic rate, which can help you shed extra pounds and assist you in better maintaining your weight. 

Think Happy

Cardio is a great way to relieve stress—the hormones that are released in your body when you perform cardio exercises can even ease symptoms of depression and fatigue. These “feel good” hormones not only improve sleep but also help strengthen your body’s immune system, ensuring you are living a happy and healthy life. 

Become a Part of Our Family

Looking to incorporate cardio into your weekly workout routine—it’s easy at the Y. Get your cardio going on with some laps around one of our pools, or hop on a treadmill for a cool and crisp jog. Stop by one of our Y locations today and learn what cardio can do for you and your health goals.