Fear Not

Chaplain and VP of Mission Advancement, Bob Reichen

As this year draws to a close, many if not most, begin to think of resolutions for the New Year. Better discipline in my health and wellness, stronger leadership in my Y responsibilities, or greater growth in our programs, are just some of those reflective resolutions.

But as another year comes to an end and a new one emerges the fear of staying on purpose can also be a hurdle that seeks to thwart our personal mission. The description “deer in the head lights” fits how many may feel as we move into a new year. Fear can freeze our move forward—we’re afraid of failure; not sure of the possible sacrifice; anxious about what others may think. We obsess about what might happen to us. Let’s reaffirm that our purpose flows from our great history and heritage and that God has built into us the abilities we need. He initiates the vision. He supplies the power, resources and perseverance to accomplish the tasks. He measures our progress with mercy and grace and holds the responsibility for end results.

In God’s Kingdom, prosperous living is pursuing what He’s asked us to do. It doesn’t matter if we “fail” or “succeed” in the eyes of the world. We needn’t feel afraid of the privilege called purpose.

Be strong and courageous, God told Joshua before leading the Israelite's into the Promised Land—Joshua 1:6. Fear not, the angel reassured Mary when announcing her mission to deliver and raise the Messiah—Luke 1:30. Do not be afraid, the Lord instructed while telling the Apostle John to record the book of Revelation—Revelation 1:17.

The Lord doesn’t want fear to block our receiving and accomplishing all He intends for us. Consequently, in this new year of our 150th birthday celebration let us lean on Him, fear not and fulfill our purpose as once again He leads us forward.