Brianna B

Brianna B

The year 2011 was a trying one for Brianna and her family. It was when her eight year old son, Skyler, was diagnosed with ADHD. Hoping to provide her son with an escape from the normal day to day routine, Brianna began researching summer camps in Oregon to send Skyler to.

She was continually drawn back to YMCA Camp Collins for its proximity to home and unique offerings, like horseback riding.

Though Skyler was originally unhappy with his mother’s intentions to send him to camp, their shared worries and fears were quickly dashed as soon as they stepped foot on YMCA Camp Collins grounds together. They were greeted by enthusiastic camp counselors and cheerful songs that relieved all the stress and uneasiness of a new situation. 

However, just as Skyler started to warm up to the atmosphere of YMCA Camp Collins, Brianna started to have doubts and she and even considered walking away, child in hand. That was when Skyler’s counselor appeared and welcomed them to camp.

“He said to me ‘I stayed up late last night reading up on ADHD to make sure that Skyler has an excellent week.’ I went to my car and sobbed out of gratitude and relief. I couldn’t believe that this college-aged kid was so dedicated to the mission of YMCA Camp Collins that he would research my son’s specific needs before we arrived.”

Since joining Camp Collins, Skyler has thrived in an environment nurturing of his ADHD and other needs. And has grown in personality, attitude and maturity. 

“Without question I hold YMCA Camp Collins—especially the counselors who have been his mentors over the years—responsible for that last one.”

After being a part of the YMCA Camp Collins family for several years, what amazes Brianna the most is the dedication and caring of the staff, who go above and beyond for the kids.

“The Y helps kids grow into a whole person. They instill the mission and make sure their staff are involved in promoting it.”


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