April 24, 2020

I hope you have had a wonderful week. Check out the Broccoli salad recipe, tips for getting up off the floor safely and building a stronger core with an at home workout. See you next week. 


Getting Up and Down From the Floor Safely
The At-Home Pilates Workout for a Stronger Core
9 Exercises That Can Ease Sciatica Pain

Best Broccoli Salad 

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds, rest no more than 10 seconds between each exercise. 
Complete 5 rounds. 1-2 minute rest between rounds. Repeat circuit 2-3 times. Modify exercises as needed

Squats Jumps or Squats
Bicep Curl
Courtsey Lunge | Alternate Leg
Push Up | Toes, Knees or Wall
Mountain Climbers
High Knees
Tricep Kickbacks