Anthony Hall

Anthony Hall

Anthony Hall first started his Y journey as a child, spending long days playing with friends at the Red Wing YMCA in his hometown of Minneapolis. When he was older, Anthony rediscovered the Y and decided to continue his commitment to working with children and youth, by joining the Ridgedale YMCA Teen Center. It was here that Anthony learned one of his first major lessons as an employee of the Y, from his then boss, Brian. 

Anthony and Brian were out to lunch together one day, when they came across a group of high school aged students who should have been in school. Instead of ignoring the group, Brian went out of his way to talk with the youth and to try and understand their unique situations. Brian revealed to Anthony the full reach of the Y that day in Minneapolis, exemplifying that the efforts of the Y extend far beyond the workplace walls. 

After some years with Ridgedale, Anthony and his wife started thinking about a change of scenery. However, Anthony did not want to leave the Y—he wanted to continue supporting our mission to create the best experience possible for our members and communities, and started looking for Y locations in the Pacific Northwest he could be transferred to.

“I didn't have the heart to leave the Y. I tried. I looked for other jobs and when it came time to accept another job, I could not say yes ... I didn't want to go.”

In 2003, the Hall family moved to Oregon and Anthony started his new position at the Clackamas YMCA as its first employee and Sr. Program Director. And in time, Anthony eventually oversaw all the youth sports programs for the Clackamas YMCA, Clark County Family YMCA and the Mt. Hood YMCA. 

Today, Anthony works in the IT Department for the YMCA of Columbia-Willamette association, where he is able to explore his long-time love for computers and software, while continuing to support our Y mission and members. 

“The Y gives us the freedom to create in our job—we have the ability to say yes to new things, to take on more and learn more.”

Anthony’s Y journey followed the purpose of the Y to a new state, only to grow and experience more of what the Y is. Thank you Anthony for your willingness to relocate based off the familiarity and desire to serve out the Y’s mission.

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